Charity Initiative Knitting for Love

The Charity Initiative Knitting for Love was actively responded by many lovely IFS Residents.

Today,volunteers from Chengdu IFS brought more than 460 scarves to the Chengdu Elderly Care Hospital. Volunteers set up the event site to give a warm Christmas atmosphere.

Little angels from Song Ching Ling Kindergarten brought a lovely dance, and surprisinglythe elderlies also prepared a song for us.The scarves we presented with Chengdu IFS volunteers' chorus.

Scarves were delivered by Santa Claus,members of HongKong Chengdu Chamber of Commerce and Chengdu IFS volunteers. Smiles, laughters and “thank you” were all around us,volunteers were all very grateful to be part of this meaningful event. 

IFS Residences would like to thank all participants for sharing your love.


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